[Printed Matter]

Lost in Space has been the subject of numerous publications. Books and magazines have analyzed almost every shred of fact and fiction about the TV series. Not surprisingly most of the Lost in Space printed material was produced after the production of the series ceased in 1968 and a large portion of what has been produced is fan created.

While touring through our "Printed Matter" gallery, vistors will especially enjoy our trading card exhibits. The Topps cards are one of the most sought after sets of non sports trading cards. We also have on display rare foreign cards such as the stunning Australian color video set.

If you are an autograph collector, you might also be interested in our "Autographs" section where you can learn how to collect autographs of all your favorite cast members. Other highlights include the very colorful cover artwork of the 1960s Goldkey Comics series of Lost in Space and the more recent Innovation Comics series. Be sure to check out our "Scripts" exhibit where an original script once belonging to and annotated by Bob May ("the guy inside the Robot"), is analyzed in detail.

In the future many more "Print" related exhibits will be mounted including a new section on original production sheets from the TV series. Check back often for regular updates.

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