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After years of neglect the late '80s saw an avalanche of books relating to Lost in Space. There are 4 episode guides alone published between 1989 and 1992. The high point in the revival of interest in Lost in Space was the 'Lost in Space 25th Anniversary Celebration' in 1990. An additional 6 books were published after this date predominantly by Alpha Control Press.

Despite the huge popularity of LIS there has not been a major publication of LIS fiction since the Dave Van Arnam and Ron Archer book called 'Lost in Space' published by Pyramid Books in 1967.

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The listing of books which follows is limited to major books related to Lost in Space. Other printed material like magazine articles, comics, newsletters and blue prints etc. are dealt with elsewhere. This is not an exhaustive listing and it is very likely there have been omissions. If you are aware of any books (including any foreign books) that you think should be included, please let us know. A scan of the book cover would be most appreciated. We would also be interested in hearing from anyone with book covers which vary from those displayed on these web pages.

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