Throughout the years it seems that television and comics have always complimented each other well. The classic 1966 televison series Batman came from a comic series as well as the many televison spinoffs of the Superman comic character. Although the television series Lost in Space did not come from a comic book, Gold Key Comics had a popular comic series out known as Space Family Robinson prior to the television program. More recently, Innovation Comics came out with a licensed comic series based on Lost in Space. The Innovation comics were amazing! Bill Mumy actually wrote many of the issues and Mark Goddard even wrote one himself. The series was quite popular but unfortunately the fans as well as the comic characters were left Lost in Space when Innovation went out of business right in the middle of the story line.

With the upcoming movie to be released in April of 1998, Dark Horse Comics has secured the license for an upcoming comic series based on the film. Many fans hope the comic series will some how finish up the story line Innovation started.

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