[Trading Cards]

Only one series of Lost in Space trading cards was issued in the sixties, the highly sought after and prized Topps black & white 55 card set of 1966. Two "unauthorized" reprint sets have been issued since.

In 1993 Imagine Publishing tried unsuccessfully to obtain a license to produce a new set but negotiations with VIACOM, which at that time owned the rights to Lost in Space, came to nothing. The Australian Lost in Space fan club had more success in 1994 and was able to design and produce an entirely new 40 card black & white set. Because of copyright restrictions the set was available only to club members.

In June of 1996 Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment issued a promotional 30 card color set in conjuction with the release of volumes 25-30 of the Australian Lost in Space video series.

In November of 1997 Inkworks released a brand new licensed set of Lost in Space cards based on the classic TV series!

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