If you were a child growing up in the 1960s and especially if you were a lucky enough to receive a Lost in Space toy under your Christmas tree, you'll love our Lost in Space toy and model gallery. We offer a virtual repository of classic toys and models from the era - the memories will come flooding back. If you didn't own one of these classic pieces then you'll still want to check it out anyway to see what you missed out on the first time. Collectors will find invaluable information to help identify and track down those rare and elusive toys and models.

In our model exhibit be sure to visit the Aurora exhibit. On display are 3 of the rarest Lost in Space model kits ever produced. Each one today sells for well over $1,000 in mint condition!

Our toy exhibit features toys produced in the USA, Japan and Brazil. Relive your childhood days by time-tunnelling through our displays of such classics as Mattel's Lost in Space Switch 'N Go Play Set, REMCO's Lost in Space Robot and Mattel's auction record breaking Lost in Space Roto-Jet Gun Set. You'll be kicking yourself if you once owned these toys. Some of these are fetching prices equivalent to the cost of a small car today - no kidding!

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