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[LIS Scrpbk Vol 3]
The Lost in Space Scrapbook
Volume 3
William E. Anchors and
Flint Mitchell (Editors)
Alpha Control Press, 1991
194 pages. Softcover.

The final book in a three volume set, continuing the best articles to ever be printed about Lost in Space in every LIS fanzine published in the last twenty years, including LISFAN (A History of LISFAN, Looking Back, Interviews with Ezra Stone, Gene Polito, Gerald Fried, Jonathan Harris, Robert Drasnin; fiction: The Price of Fear), Centurian (Females on LIS, LIS vs. Star Trek, LIS's 11 Worst Episodes, LIS Costumes), Galaxy Gift (Star Trek vs. LIS, fiction: Trouble in Space, The Underworld, Invaders From the Fifth Dimension), Lost in Space Monthly (The LIS Cliffhangers), Lost in Space Forever (Monsters, Creatures and Aliens of LIS; Interviews: Stanley Adams, Sean McClory, Jonathan Harris; fiction: Hidden Danger), plus an all-new three season photo guide to Lost in Space. This section includes nearly 200 ALL NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS from every episode including the unaired pilot!

[LIS Tech Man]

Lost in Space Technical Manual
Volume 1
Richard Messmann with
James Van Hise
Movie Publishers Services, Inc., 1986
60 pages. Softcover.

Lost in Space characters, John Robinson's Journal, Jupiter 2 blueprints, set designs, special effects and much more!

[Spc Fam Robinson]

Space Family Robinson:
The True Story
Ed Shifres
Windsor House Publishing Group, 1997
365 pages. Hardcover.

"Edward Shifres's book is a painstakingly documented examination of one of the most egregious instances of plagiarism in the history of American entertainment. Line by line, plot point by plot point, Mr. Shifres demonstrates that the television program, LOST IN SPACE, was really SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON, created by Ib Melchior, and that Irwin Allen, who grabbed the credit and millions of dollars, was just another Hollywood hustler who knew how to make the system work for him. This is a true crime story in which the bad guy got away with it - until now."

-- Roderick Thorp Author of "Die Hard"

[You Can Build... ]

You Can Build... The Lost in Space Robot
Flint Mitchell (Editor)
LISFAN Press, 1996
98 pages. Softcover.

If you have ever wondered how Lost in Space fans build their own lifesize robots or if you have ever considered building one yourself then this book is for you! There are great sections on Robot Assembly, Basic Plastic Molding and Robot Photos that will not only satisfy your curiosity about the making of the robot but may also inspire you to build one for yourself.

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