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[Reference Manual]
The Alpha Control Reference Manual
William E. Anchors and Gary Stork
Alpha Control Press, 1986
98 Pages. Softcover.

This fantastic book contains a foreword by Bill Mumy, accurate blueprints of the Jupiter 2, chariot, robot, drilling rig, laser pistols and rifle, the force field projector and more. Also includes interior blueprints of the ship showing every detail of both the upper and lower decks, drawings and descriptions of all the costumes used on the show, a complete history of the Alpha Control colonization project, biographies of all the characters and detailed descriptions of all the Jupiter 2's equipment and its functions!

[Anniversary Tribute]

The Anniversary Tribute Book Volume 1
Richard Messmann with
James Van Hise and
Hal Schuster
Schuster and Schuster, Inc., 1987
70 pages. Softcover.

This book contains mostly interviews with the following cast and crew members: Bill Mumy, Shimon Wincelberg, Carey Wilbur, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Angela Cartwright, Bob May, Dick Tufeld and Jonathan Harris. Hear from all the stars in this great book!!

[The Complete LISFAN]

The Complete LISFAN: 10th Anniversary
Lost in Space Special
Flint Mitchell (Editor)
Alpha Control Press, 1991
194 Pages. Softcover.

The world's premier Lost in Space magazine celebrates its 10th year of printing the best material about one of science fiction's best TV shows! This perfect-bound, oversized book features a full-color cover and nearly 200 pages of high-quality material that LISFAN is famous for. The contents include comic strips, articles, interviews, blueprints, reviews, fiction, art and much more. This edition reprints the very best material appearing in issues #1 thru 6 of LISFAN plus new material, including an exclusive interview with Jonathan Harris. Also of great interest in this publication is a guide to Irwin Allen collectibles! This guide, the first one of its kind, shows and describes just about everything ever made relating to Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Land of the Giants. Included is a price list for each item although quite outdated in comparison to today's prices.

[Complete LIS Book]

The Complete Lost in Space Book
John Peel
Pioneer Books, 1989
(Files Magazine series)
240 pages. Softcover.

John Peel is the man LIS fans love to hate. This volume features an episode guide, some background info on LIS and some scant biographical cast details. The fact that the author does not really like the series is evident throughout the book. His derogatory comments become quite tiresome after a while. Also the quality of the photos leaves much to be desired (at least in my copy).

[IA Scrapbook Vol 2]

The Irwin Allen Scrapbook Volume 2
William E. Anchors (Editor)
Alpha Control Press, 1992
240 Pages. Softcover.

This book covers Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Return of Captain Nemo, Man From the 25th Century, City Beneath the Sea and Time Travellers. Each show is explored in depth with articles and reviews, comprehensive notes on every episode of each series, actor biographies, Interviews with the stars, coverage of never-before-seen episodes, original fiction, a review of Irwin Allen's career and much more.

[J2 Operators Man]

Jupiter 2 Operators Manual
Robert Rowe
Alpha Control Documentation, 1986
53 pages. Softcover.

Humorous and inaccurate descriptions and illustrations of the Jupiter 2 and ancillary equipment. Rowe wasn't too far wrong, but his button and knob labels were miles off course.

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