The ultimate dream of any Lost in Space collector is to acquire an original prop used on the show. Regrettably for most, that dream never becomes a reality. Props are not only hard to find but if you do come across them they will cost you an arm and leg. For many of us the closest we will come to owning a Lost in Space prop is if we manage to pick up a Remco robot. These robots, slightly modified and painted up to look like the Robinson robot actually featured in several episodes.

Props can be virtually anything from smaller items like an old reel to reel tape recorder used on the series to larger items like the Robinson chariot. While most of us don't own props, there are numerous lucky fans who do and in this section we hope to keep track of the history of all known props and where they are today.

According to Peter Greenwood, an expert and owner of many original Lost in Space props who worked as a producer on Quantum Leap, a lot of the props used on the show were made of cheap plywood. Much of the larger items were sold to the son of the set designer who left them outside at his home with the consequence that they rotted away in a very short time. Fortunately we do know the fate of many of the props and some did actually survive.

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