Photograph collecting is a very active area of Lost in Space collecting. Fans can be thankful the series received a lot of focus from photographers. Collectors can choose from a wide range of subjects including the standard portfolio of 20th Century publicity stills, rare behind-the-scenes photos showing cast members resting in-between scenes, prop men setting up scenes and fan-taken convention photos.

Lost in Space photographs are among the most easily obtained collectibles and the cheapest. They can be readily obtained at conventions and collectible fairs. Photographs come in all sizes but the format most favored by serious collectors is the standard 8 by 10. Copyright is always an issue with photographs as is quality. Many photographs sold at conventions and fairs are in fact poor quality bootlegged copies. Collectors should be wary of these but it has to be said that distinguishing between an original and a copy is a skill only a few professionals possess. Needless to say original photographs especially those from first season and early publicity stills command the highest prices.

Below are a few samples of some photographs we have collected over the years. We would also be interested in adding your rare photographs to our web site. If you have any such photos please email us and let us know.

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