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New Line Cinema not suprisingly has done its utmost to keep specific details secret about their big screen treatment of Lost in Space. However the pre-publicity demands of the toy industry provide us with some advance clues about the look of some of the main movie props and costumes. In October 1997 some magazines gave us our first glimpse of the Bubble Fighter piloted by Don West in an early movie scene, the cuddly "Blawp" creature which befriends the Robinsons, Will's rebuilt Robot, Spider Smith, the movie Robot, the revamped movie Jupiter 2, a laser gun with assault attachments and Lost in Space movie action figures. The complex designs and features of the new Trendmasters movie toys shows that a fair amount of imagination and thought have gone into developing designs which will appeal directly to a younger generation while hopefully not alienating fans and collectors of the original series.

Spoiler Alert: Please note toy descriptions below may divulge key plot elements.

Basic Action Figures

Judy Robinson (with Blawp figure, cryosuit & physiognomy unit)

Don West (with fold-down armor visor, armor suit and assault rifle)

Will Robinson (with hacker deck key, cryo chamber and space blaster)

Professor Robinson (with fold-down armor visor, Proteus suit and space blaster)

Dr Smith (with oversized rifle, medical uniform, and hacker deck key)

Dr Smith in Proteus Suit (with fold-down armor and spring-loaded missle launcher)

All figures will come with a space spider.

Deluxe Action Figures

The deluxe action figures feature special actions and sound. The following figures are scheduled for the initial release.

"Big Blue" (The name given to launch movie Robot who is destroyed early on in the film. The toy will feature rolling base, spring-loaded power-up, and firing missile launcher)

"Will's Robot (This Robot is the one which is rebuilt by Will later in the film. It looks something like a caricature of the original TV series Robot and will feature a rolling base, spring-loaded power-up, and pop-off battle damage.)

"Spider Smith" (This figure includes small magnetic baby space spiders and comes with bendable legs)

Plush BLAWP Toy

The Blawp is the movie equivalent of "Debbie the Bloop" from the old TV series. This cute large eyed alien sprite features "Try-Me" sound and color change, suction cups on its hands and feet, and a poseable tail.

13" Plush Blawp Doll

This large plush cute Blawp makes ET look postively menacing in comparison.

Basic Jupiter 2 Vehicle

The movie version Jupiter 2 looks nothing like it's original TV series precedessor. The toy includes many cool features: lights, sounds, firing weapons, pop-up hyperdrive, magnetic battle damage plates, magnetic attack action spider, poseable Robot figure, and poseable Don West figure in armor suit. As an extra bonus the ship also comes with a PVC figure for inside the highly detailed cockpit area.

Deluxe Jupiter 2 Vehicle

The movie Robinson ship looks nothing like the original TV series ship except that it has a saucer appearance. The Jupiter 2 apparently is launched from a larger Mother Ship named Jupiter 1 which is destroyed early on in the film.

The Toy features push button light and sound, pop-out hyperdrive, pop-out missile launchers, magnetic battle damage plate, magnetic attack-action spider (the Jupiter 2 in the film is reportedly attacked by an army of space spiders) and rolling wheel base. The cockpit of the toy opens and can seat action figures (not included).

Mini Bubble Fighter Vehicles

The Bubble Fighter is a one seat vehicle which features in the opening scene of the movie when reportedly Don West disobeys orders and saves a fellow Bubble Fighter pilot from crashing. An interesting feature of this unique craft is the gyro-pivoting cockpit which allows the included micro-figure to always remain upright. The toy includes firing weapons, spring-loaded ejection seat, four firing missile launchers, pop-off battle damage, and swiveling cockpit guns. Two different versions of the this toy are expected.

Deluxe Bubble Fighter Vechicle

Same as the Mini Bubble Fighter but features push button sounds and lights and comes with a display stand.

Deluxe Remote Control Robot

This large version of the movie launch Robot includes the following "Try-Me" features: Lights, sounds and motion. Forward and reverse motion is controlled remotely through a "Hacker deck" device which one assumes is similar to the one used by Will in the film. "Big Blue" also includes a missle launcher, pop-off battle damage and a removeable face-plate which reveals detailed electronics.

Big Blue Robot Vinyl Doll

This 10" doll of the launch movie Robot comes with pincer arms and treads for feet.

Deluxe Robot

Reportedly one of the coolest new toys to be produced for the Lost in Space Movie. The Robot features spring-loaded missles, rolling wheels, battle damage and "Try-Me" Sounds.

Silver Robot Vinyl Doll

The side view of the accompanying photograph of this toy gives us one of the best looks at what Will's rebuilt robot will look like. As is clearly seen, the only part which looks like the original robot is its head. The Robot stands 10 inches and features a single utility arm and tread feet.

Major Don West in Armor Vinyl Doll

This 8" Major Don West poseable doll with headgear reminiscent of the Rocketeer comes with a laser rifle.

Hand-Held Toy Gun

This "Try-Me" packaged toy features light, sound and accessory assembly. It includes snap-on parts: scope, barrel extension, recoil stock which converts the weapon to an assault weapon. The gun which is available in two color versions has six seconds of actual movie sound effects and a personal "lock out" code, plus dog tags, holster and numerous attachments.


The following figures will also be sold:

Big Blue Robot (movie launch Robot)
Spider Smith
Adult Blawp
Major Don West in Armor
Silver Robot (Will's Robot)

A special gift set consisting of Spider Smith, Major West, Blawp and Silver Robot will also be available.

The Adult Blawp figure is perhaps the most interesting figure listed because it suggests the movie Robinsons encounter not only the Blawp but possibly a whole colony of Blawps.

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