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Welcome to The Museum of Lost in Space Collectibles


We won't dwell on the question of what makes us fall for one TV show and ignore others. The fact that you bothered to look here speaks for itself. You are a Lost in Space fan and in all probability a collector. Well, if we are right on both counts, this is definitely the site for you. These web pages have been created by collectors for collectors. Our aim is to promote and foster an interest in Lost in Space collectibles and memorabilia by providing collectors with access to useful, up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive visual and text information. We hope non-collectors will also find some enjoyment in these pages. Perhaps with the information and images provided we can help you become reacquainted with a long lost toy from your childhood or more aware of the range of merchandise currently available.

All collectors make at least one huge blunder in their hobby and as any experienced collector will tell you the main reason behind the blunder is usually a lack of accurate information. We have one great advantage over paper based price guides. Our information will be constantly improved and updated over time, whereas paper based guides remain static and are virtually out of date the moment they are printed.

The task we have set for ourselves is certainly ambitious and we don't expect to immediately be able to cover the full bandwidth of Lost in Space memorabilia. That would be unrealistic. In the long term, with the assistance and co-operation of fellow collectors, we'll get very close.

In The Beginning

Not long after the Lost in Space E-Mail List became operational in May 1995, it became clear that Lost in Space collectibles were going to become a recurring topic for discussion. Repeated requests for information about dealers, books and models convinced us that a permanent web site containing up to date information about Lost in Space collectibles was urgently needed. As months passed it became obvious that there was a direct correlation between love of the show and an interest in collectibles. When you think about it, it's not at all surprising. Nothing can stir the nostalgic emotions of the baby boomer generation more than TV shows. We all stared at the polished wooden box in the corner, smelling that wonderful aroma of hot tubes, feasting happily on many hours of non-stop entertainment. Now when we time-tunnel back to our early experiences of watching TV, we are invariably drawn to happier more innocent times when life was simpler and our childhoods seemed perfect in every way. For many of us, simply watching a re-run or buying a video of Lost in Space is sufficient to bring back those pleasant memories. For others it's not enough. Our memories must be refreshed and maintained by more concrete means. Collecting and owning items from Lost in Space; a toy, a model kit or even a gum wrapper helps us to focus our nostalgic longings and memories. As if by magic, ownership of these items takes us not only closer to the show with its floating world of icons, images, sounds and fictions, but triggers a sense of fulfillment and pleasure. We are able to glimpse once again, a place and time rapidly becoming more distant in our memories.

While the enthusiasm was undoubtedly there, neither Larry nor I (Tony) had any previous experience in developing web sites. At first we hesitated at the prospect of being involved in something we knew next to nothing about. Fortunately we needed no further prompting once we found a place to put up such a web site for the world to see. Our "labor of love" began in earnest.

Now, many months later, with thousands of hours of work invested in development, we are happy to present the results. We acknowledge the pages are not 100% complete with the presence of those Internet eye-sores, the dreaded "Under Construction" pages. Our decision to go public prior to completion was made on the basis that many areas were either complete or close enough for them to be useful. Rather than delaying access to the site any further, we felt the time was right to give others the opportunity for input and comment.

Looking back over the many years of work, the single stand out feature of the project was the remarkable role the Internet played in the whole development process. With the two creators separated by thousands of miles, the whole project, from the initial concept, to final deployment, was played out entirely in cyperspace. We still can't get over the fact that during the years it has taken to get this site up and running, we had never actually spoken to each other over the phone until October 1997. In fact, to this day, we don't even know what each other looks like. We are proud to say that this site is a testimony to international co-operation between two distant Lost in Space fans living in different countries. It also demonstrates proof of what can actually be achieved by using just Internet communication technologies like IRC and EMAIL.

How to get the most from these pages

These pages have been Netscape 4.0 enhanced and are designed for maximum speed and the highest quality resolution. We recommend using a video card and monitor capable of viewing millions of colors in order to take full advantage of what these pages have to offer. Although other settings will work, you may experience fuzzy photos especially on pages that contain black and white images. We also recommend using at least a 28,800 bps modem as these pages are filled with beautiful full color images which can take some time to download. Before beginning, make sure your Netscape window is maximized to fit your entire screen.

Although we made every endeavour to have an image available for every item listed on these pages, we have not succeeded in locating images for everything. For this reason we appeal to fellow collectors to come forth with images of items in their own collections to fill the gaps. Remember, as we've already mentioned these pages have been created for collectors by collectors. If we make an effort to help each other, everyone will benefit in the long run.

About the creators of this site

Tony (LISPACE@ozemail.com.au)
Hi! I'm 37 years old and like most have been a LIS fan for as long as I can remember. Having been brought up in a small Australian country town, I was not aware as a child in the 60's of the existence of Lost in Space games, costumes, puzzles, models or gum cards. On reflection, perhaps a fortunate thing for my parents.

This all changed a few years back in somewhat unusual circumstances. In late 1989 I happened to be passing by an auction house in one of our larger cities and could hear an auction in process. Out of curiosity I stepped in and discovered that a huge collection of gum and trading cards was being auctioned off. Taking a seat at the back, I heard that the next lot up for auction was a near mint Batman gum card set from the late 60's. I remembered actually owning one of these sets! Bidding was fierce and much to my surprise and dismay it soon surpassed $200. The price was finally settled on a bid won by a grey haired guy in the front row for $240. Amazed, I waited for the next lot to be announced.

"What do we have here?" said the auctioneer. "A Lost in Space gum card wrapper... from a set never released in Australia...how rare is this? Do I hear $20...?"

I almost fell out of my chair...Lost in Space my favorite show! I crept forward to have a closer look. I could just vaguely see the blue and yellow wrapper held up in the auctioneer's assistant's hand and could just make out the familiar Lost in Space logo and the wonderful swirl of stars. I had to have it at any price. I raised my hand in a determined bid. After minutes of intense bidding, the prize was awarded at $115 which I later learned was an Australian record for a gum record. I had won the prize. I must admit walking out with a $115 piece of gum wrapper felt quite silly. Later when I got home any feeling of embarrassment disappeared, when it occurred to me that I had just become the owner of something which was contemporary with my favorite show. My money was well spent after all.

That's how it all started for me. Collecting Lost in Space has now become a passion as I search endlessly for those Lost in Space toys I never had as kid. Above all it's a very enjoyable hobby and I'm not ashamed to admit I actually play with some of my stuff (er! ... in the company of my young son of course!)

I see my involvement in this project is just an extension of that passion. In retrospect attempting to juggle work, family commitments, a new-born child and development of this web site has not been easy. Hours and hours of researching, writing, photographing, scanning, collating and emailing really took its toll both physically and mentally. There were numerous occasion when both Larry and myself were ready to throw in the towel. Fortunately we kept seeing light at the end of the tunnel and managed to keep going.

This whole project has really been a learning experience for me. I recommend to anyone contemplating building their own web site: Just do it! Through the many months I spent working on this site I've learned so much about the Internet and web site development. Finally, I have to say it's been a pleasure working with Larry from New York.

Larry (larry@lostintoys.com)
Hi! I'm 35 years old and have also been a LIS fan for as long as I can remember. Unlike Tony, I was not quite old enough to experience Lost in Space when it originally aired. I was only 5 months old when the greatest show ever to hit TV was launched. My LIS memories stem from the countless hours of watching re-runs. I would get home from school, watch all the the cool shows like Speed Racer, Gigantor and Spiderman and patiently wait for Lost in Space to come on.

As such a young kid I was unaware that any merchandise even existed for Lost in Space, that is until one of my birthday shopping sprees. On every birthday my parents would take me to the toy store and give me a shopping allowance (A child's version of heaven :)) While combing the isles for racetracks, mego superheros and other goodies, I noticed a box which read "Lost in Space." As I went in for a closer look I saw the now famous Remco Robot. I had to have it and I got it!

This robot toy was my prize toy. I played with it constantly and took great care in keeping it like new. I have fond memories of that toy and often wonder what ever happened to it.

Many years went by since those Lost in Space days. Memories became fuzzy and the only link to the past was an occasional conversation with friends about how cool 60's and 70's TV was. One day, while watching the junk that's on TV now, I noticed a commercial for a convention in Atlantic City. I heard the words "Star Trek meets Lost in Space" as I watched the Enterprise and the Jupiter 2 fly around on my screen. This was a 25th anniversary LIS cast reunion! Wow, 25 years! I had to go -- and I did.

I was like a little kid at the convention! I saw the cast and heard them reminice while memories of my past came flooding in. They spoke of comic books written by Bill Mumy, Lost in Space collectibles I never even knew existed and a whole bunch of fans that they appreciated. I knew this was the beginning of renewed interest in Lost in Space and a search for the past that gets farther and farther away every day.

I started collecting Lost in Space memorabilia by visiting every comic shop in the area looking for copies of Innovation's Lost in Space comics. After I managed to purchase all the back issues, I started receiving the issues as they came out. They were excellent and just made my craving for Lost in Space grow! Unfortunately Innovation went out of business and so I was left to find another connection to Lost in Space. That connection came with the discovery of Toy Shop Magazine and a few leads to Lost in Space collectibles. I managed to make my first "major" purchase by buying the talking Masudaya Robot and it's small windup companion. Years later and thousands of dollars spent have made me the proud owner of such items as a Remco Robot, a Lost in Space Lunchbox, a mint set of LIS Gum Cards and much more!

Tony and I met as a result of his starting the Lost in Space E-Mail List. I was so happy to see Lost in Space on the Internet and to meet such a dedicated fan as Tony. I would like to thank him for his work on this project and for encouraging me to keep going during the many times I wanted to give up.

In closing I would like everyone to know that we have hundreds of hours ahead on this project and would appreciate any help we can get. We will make every effort to add new and interesting material to the site on a regular basis. We thank all of you for visiting our site and encourage you to stop back often!

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