[Feedback/Help Wanted]


Our plan for this site is simple. We want to make it bigger and better. With this in mind we invite your feedback to help guide us in achieving our stated goals. We welcome your suggestions for improvements. Tell us what you like about the pages and also what you don't like.

Help Wanted

There are several specific areas where we seek your assistance.


We have done our very best to include a picture for every Lost in Space item listed. Regrettably there are a lot of instances where we have a poor picture (usually b/w) or no picture at all. We would be most grateful to anyone who can supply us with missing images to fill the void or better pictures than those currently displayed.

Souvenir Section

We would love to expand our "souvenir" section. So if you have anything unusual like drawings of Lost in Space from your childhood, advertising items using a Lost in Space theme, etc. please digitize or send a photo to us. We'd love to show them off to others.

Photos Section

We are anxious to acquire scanned images of fan taken photographs especially rare never before published ones. Things like behind the scene production photographs, tourist photographs of the 20th Century lot, etc. etc. Basically anything which might be of interest to others. So if you are lucky enough to have this kind of stuff please make them available so others can enjoy them as well.

Props, Scratch Built and TV Guides

Other photographs we are actively seeking are photographs of fan owned original Lost in Space props, pictures of fan scratch built models or full-sized Robots, and scanned images of TV guides with Lost in Space covers.

Articles, Corrections, Information

We don't claim all the information found on these pages is 100% accurate or complete, but this is a long term goal we have set for ourselves. You can help us by making us aware of any omissions or mistakes that you come across. Remember you will not only be helping us but other fellow collectors as well.

Do you have a favorite Lost in Space collectible? Perhaps you still have a childhood toy. Why not take some photos and write a feature article for the "Featured Collectibles" section.

One plan for the future is to create a section on TV Guides in which we will reproduce original articles from the 60's dealing with Lost in Space. These will be organized in chronological order. We are interested in all articles, large or small - but they must be from original 60's TV guides.

In the section "In the News" we plan to maintain a scrapbook of current news items about Lost in Space. So if interesting Lost in Space news surfaces in your local area let us know about it.

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