Although production of Lost in Space ceased in 1968 the show never really disppeared from view. In the last 30 years Lost in Space has been one of the most repeated shows on the small screen. Luckily for fans the flame has been kept alive not just through re-runs but also through numerous clubs devoted to the show. The legacy of organized clubs which find their origins in the early 1970's is of course, the many issues of periodicals and fanzines in which fans have written, drawn and argued about their favorite show.

The quality of fanzines varies a great deal but one thing which is always consistent is the enthusiasm and love of Lost in Space. LISFAN is the oldest surviving fanzine and still the benchmark. More recently another major fanzine called The Kyle Wood Lost in Space Quarterly Fanzine has come on the scene.

This section is dedicated to fanzines which are different than periodicals covered in another section. Fanzines are large fan produced magazines that are often published irregularly while periodicals are usually published on a regular basis and are more in the form of a newsletter no matter how big or small in size. Fanzines can often be purchased in stores while periodicals are usually only available through subscription.

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