For many fans one of the most appealing aspects of Lost in Space is the musical score. The jewels in the crown, naturally, are the theme scores by John Williams. These themes have appeared in various compilations over the years. However, other music and sound effects from Lost in Space have only recently been made available with the much anticipated release of "The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen" television soundtracks CDs. This award winning six pack CD collection contains two CDs devoted entirely to Lost in Space, together with a third CD containing mainly Lost in Space cast interviews and a special sound effects library.

The soundtracks and special effects have been digitally remastered to sound as good as when the tracks were originally cut. The packaging and well researched liner notes, containing many rare photos, adds further value to a collection no serious Lost in Space collector can live without. Rumor has it that an additional Lost in Space soundtrack is expected for release in 1998.

Over the years several unlicensed audio cassettes of sound effects and episodes have appeared. As is common with much unlicensed material, the quality and production values of the cassettes are extremely poor. Several audio copies of radio and TV interviews of the cast have also surfaced. These again are generally of very poor quality.

[Please note: Unlicensed material has been included for historical reasons only. Availability of this material is unknown]

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