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[4 Foot Figure Female]

[4 Foot Figure 2]
Lost in Space Four Foot Jupiter 2

The most important piece in LIS history! This is the hero Jupiter 2 used throughout the series. Featured in landing and takeoff scenes, and most long shots.

The Robinsons' ship is 4 feet in diameter and about 3 feet high. It has amazing detail and considering its age is in very good condition.

The exterior is finished in a textured silver paint which was used to minimize any reflection from studio lights.

There are 2 retractable sliding blaster shields to cover the front view port windows, which especially come in handy during fiery takeoffs!

One working, retractable landing leg, with step detail is attached. The additonal missing original 2 landing legs, which had been in the possession of Greg Jein for years, were recently acquired by The Azarian Collection and are pictured here not attached to the ship. The ship is in the process of having the legs attached.

The ship also features painted hatch door and tow hook attachments, porthole window with sliding blaster shield, and holes for wiring flying sequences.

The interior cockpit is visible from the front windows and includes 2 fully articulated figures, as shown in the below pictures, both in silver space suits with red piping detail. Incredibly detailed with moving arms and joints, one resembles Dr. Smith, and the other clearly resembles Maureen Robinson. There are matching mounts on the feet of each figure which correspond with mounts on the cockpit floor.

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