[Chariot Props]

The Chariot from Lost in Space was based on a modified 1965 SnowCat. It was modified at the factory to Irwin's specifications for use on the series.

The original Chariot still exists today in the backyard of a long time Californian fan, Chris Tietz. The story of how it got to its final resting place is nothing short of amazing. In the early 70s Chris was skiing in Big Bear California when he and a friend noticed the owner of the slope was using a snow hauling vehicle which looked remarkly like the Chariot from Lost in Space. Closer inspection and enquiries confirmed that it was indeed the same Chariot but that it had been extensively modified for work in the snow.

In the mid-70s when the slope went out of business Chris was able to purchase the Chariot and relocate it to his backyard where today it is well protected and is in the process of being restored contrary to previous reports of neglect.

Chris recently revealed to the Museum of Lost in Space Collectibles that he had approached Jeff Story from New York regarding the purchase of interior panels to complete the Chariot restoration. At the time of writing no deal between the two has been struck but Chris remains hopeful.

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